IN LATE APRIL of 2003, James officially announced he was going to turn pro with a press conference at his high school. After listening to the pitches of several agents, he chose Aaron Goodwin partly because Goodwin had a history of making major shoe deals with various companies. Goodwin had sent Gary Payton and Jason Kidd to Nike.

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That she was able to combine her very active career while raising a family was another source of admiration, Lucci said. While daughter Mary said her mother eventually maintained an apartment in New York, where the shows were produced, writing for them at first was a sort of industry. Nixon did most of her writing from home in Rosemont, mailing scripts and story ideas back and forth in those pre Internet times..

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It’s all part of a 15 year trend in which state judicial elections have acquired all the ugly trappings of other political campaigns. Even President Barack Obama has gotten in on the act, endorsing a Democrat seeking to unseat a Republican Supreme Court justice in North Carolina. A Democrat’s election would swing the ideological balance of the court, which now has a 4 3 Republican majority..

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