effort as mets fend off pirates

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In the 19th century they had grown rich on their winter season, when the monied classes descended from across Europe to enjoy the mild climate in the opulent surroundings of grand hotels and villas. In the new century, fashion leader Coco Chanel began a cult of sun worship, which rapidly took off, spurred on by the spread of the railways and roads to previously inaccessible seaside resorts. A new, summer season was born..

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While waiting for a deal to be struck, Republican senators munched on lazy lobster and Maine potatoes with blueberry pie for dessert at a luncheon in the Capitol put on by Maine Susan Collins. Republican senators rotate sponsoring a lunch for their colleagues each with food themes from their states and Collins lobster offering is considered one of the most popular. Forty three of the 52 Republican senators were on hand..

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